Bugs and Numbers

Bugs and Numbers provides an extensive collection of unique games dedicated to learning and practicing a wide range of math skills in a non-traditional way. Organized into three basic stages, the app grows with your child through 18 games ranging from basic counting to early fractions. Designed around a bug city, each game is crafted for a basic set of math skills with an eccentric and fun parallel to our own society. Imagine serving bugs food at the local diner that happens to spin on an old vinyl record, or help ferry ants across water in an egg carton. It's fun, unique, and most importantly, educational.

In order to support 64bit, we're currently rewriting the app. Once completed, existing customers will be able to download on their newer devices immediately.


Key Features

  • 18 games and activities
  • 36 achievements and rewards
  • Incredible retina graphics
  • Beautiful and fun music
  • Automatic play or explore
  • Universal app

Child Privacy

  • Parental gate to settings
  • NO third party advertising
  • NO in-app purchases
  • NO collection of any personal information

Available On

  • iTunes App Store

Stage 1

  • Number and shape identity at the circus
  • Practice left and right on an old arcade machine
  • Seek and find while counting at a junkyard
  • Tap and count while serving food at the local diner
  • Paint by numbers at the gallery
  • Match numbers and shapes at the hotel

Stage 2

  • Count to 100 at the garage
  • Trace numbers and shapes at school
  • Arrange sequencing on a xylophone
  • Comparisons at the theater
  • Sort, count, and tally at the store
  • Math with 10 on the ferry

Stage 3

  • US currency on the old claw machine
  • Practice time at the train station
  • Find patterns in the zen garden
  • Work with fractions at the pizzeria
  • Measure length and weight in the lab
  • Addition and subtraction on the gameshow